toshiaki tomita


Heart Mountain / The 3rd Story

painting by Soeren Bjoern, MP3 player, head set, text. Solo Show at SPICA art, Tokyo. 2009.

This painting is by Soeren Bjoern 2002.
Bjoern's inspiration was drawn from Tomita's story of mountain pilgrimage in 2000.
Bjoern's painting then became the clue that led Tomita's pilgrimage to HEART MOUNTAIN.

Here in this show, you can see the painting and listen to the dialogue between Bjoern and Tomita around the painting. The dialogue explains how the painting was born and came down to this show, and also suggests that the dialogue will continue to the 4th story while Bjoern named his saying the 3rd story.

In the 3rd story, Bjoern spoke about how he saw his painting after so many years he painted it. The recoeding was done in 2008 so 6 years passed. Bjoern could not explain all the details and why he made them so. But he could say how he sees the painting now. That's how he came to name his saying "the 3rd story" if the 1st was Tomita's story of mountain pilgrimage and 2nd was Bjoern's spontaneous painting.

The painting never changed since it was painted 8 years ago but Bjoern and Tomita grew, that's how stories remain told, forgotten and restoried, and that's how a painting give us space and time to find new and significant meanings.