toshiaki tomita

Non-Edited Magazine
fax, copy, envelopes, letters, texts and photographs multiplied and exchanged. 1998.

People who did not know each other exchanged comments via me, acting as a medium.

Non-Edited Magazine tries to exchange 40 messages from 40 participants by employing daily media such as letter and facsimile which normally used for one-on-one correspondence. Transmitting information without tags and editorial design makes participants confused even they knew the rule. It suggests the existence of gmutual trusth which plays inconspicuous but vial role in communication. In the rules of Non-Edited Magazine, participants are lead to face their misunderstandings and anxiety, and to seek for a key to trust something in this confusing situation.
Thus, there is a possibility to expand of self-identity and receptor of others, to be more active reader than the puppet in the age of mass media.

Q: I got a strange letter today from you, but actually it was from someone I do not know. If you put something from your heart into the letter of stranger, I do really sympathize with you about what you try to say. (It might be my wrong impression?) Or, is it just a game for itself? If so, it would be very cold cold action. I really need to know your intension.

A: Well, the letter you received is a part of Non-Edited Magazine once I told you about. I actually do put my massage and hope into each letter. My hope is not only in the letter but everything around. So the letter might functions as my messenger, but it possibly is your wrong impression. It all depends on our trust.
There is more efficient way to transmit an information, but in the manner of Non-Edited Magazine, we can realize the@gmutual trusth which plays inconspicuous but vial role in communication. Can we exchange something in such questionable situation, without editing? Can we be active readers? And call it a freedom, enjoy ourselves playing with misunderstanding and anxiety? Not insisting on accuracy of the information?