toshiaki tomita


On the North Shore @
installation with Polaroid photographs and stone bowl.@Gallery 360, Tokyo, 1996.

On the North Shore is a series of Polaroid photographs and a cup of snow which were both taken from my sojourn to the northernmost shore of Japan. Paying a trip to far-off place from Tokyo where the exhibition space locatedAI intended to suggest the gap between two worlds not only with physical distance but mental: central/edge, and creative/daily mind which is parallel to it. In the exhibition space the snow was melted into water in the bowl and evaporating. The color blue of the photographs was caused by the far below-zero temperature for developing Polaroid film, and if it was taken in the exhibition space it would be developed into normal color. As the difference shows, if there is such a gap, what sort of experience the audience can expect? or how they can bridge the gap?

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