toshiaki tomita


Rain Maker

performance with stone bowl, documented by photographs. 1995-1996.

Isolated, a vessel, accepting, a contact, accepted…

Under the skies where I traveled to, I was a stranger. But for an instant I was at one with the place and time.
Rain is a fest, that connects the heaven and the earth, takes items that have been fragmented and lost their association, and links them into oneness.
I curved and grinded a black stone into a small bowl for each journey. I put it in my pocket and forgot about it. When it rained I remembered it in my pocket and put it on the ground, waited until the rain stopped or the rain had filled up the bowl, then I drank it all up. Not expressing something but accepting physically something given on an occasion. You accept first then you will be accepted. Just like the dry ground absorbs the rain at once, Rain Maker brought a welcome rain that quenched my thirst for initiation into the cycle of bigger water.

click on the photo to view a performance in India

performance in Japan