toshiaki tomita


Weekly-Mansion Project

video, projector, artist book, tools for life.@An event in the room 501, Weekly-Mansion Kibabotan West in Part 40, Tokyo.1998.

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gHow are you?  I will be staying at the below address for a week with the incidents I encountered and things I was given last summer.  Please come over any time.
3-28-5 Botan, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Weekly Mansion Kiba Botan WEST IN PART 40, 135.
Phone: (mobile) 010-77x-xxx9

I donft know my room number yet, but it is probably Rm. 501 (I wonft know until the day I move in).  Please donft forget to call before you come. The building entrance is locked.  You are welcome twenty-four hours a day.h

I sent out the gI movedh notice one week before moving.In the six-mat tatami sized room complete strangers met one another.  Included in the various things that I moved in with, were my video work entitled g407,h and artist book entitled gCan you come or not come to our hometown?h which were at times ignored by the visitors and, at others, attracted their attention.